There are few things in life as rewarding or relaxing as enjoying a cookout on your day off. With the sun out and your favorite meat sizzling on the grill, who can complain? Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home can be a great way to enhance your outdoor living area while creating a fun and exciting element on your property. While we all love living in luxury, we have to ask ourselves about the value versus the cost of new home additions. Is An Outdoor Kitchen Worth It?

Today, we are going to take a closer look at outdoor kitchens, what they offer, and if an outdoor kitchen is worth your time and investment!

What Is An Outdoor Kitchen?

According to a survey conducted by the team at HomeAdvisor, the average outdoor kitchen costs between $5,500 and $21,000. Traditionally, most outdoor kitchens feature a cooking station with a grill as well as a refrigerator to keep food fresh until it is ready to prepare. As elaborate or minimal as the homeowner desires, an outdoor kitchen can provide a truly unique way to extend your living space.

Your team of builders at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens will completely customize your kitchen for your wants and needs. It can be minimalist with a few basic items, or it can be truly elaborate with all of the bells and whistles. Let’s take a look at a few questions you should ask before adding an outdoor kitchen to your home.

Is An Outdoor Kitchen Actually Worth It?

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor living has grown increasingly important. The ability to safely accommodate guests while enjoying a comfortable time on your property is almost impossible to overrate. According to professionals in the real estate industry, outdoor living has become one of the defining factors for new home buyers.

A great way to entice a potential buyer, outdoor kitchens have started to expand their ROI for savvy real estate investors. Nearly 55% of outdoor kitchen installations saw an immediate return on investment, providing homeowners with comfortable amenities as well as a selling point later down the line.

Understanding that an outdoor kitchen can provide value and comfort, you will want to ask yourself a few defining questions before making the leap and calling a professional installer.

What Do I Want From My Outdoor Kitchen?

First and foremost, take a moment to really look inward to find out what you want from your investment. Are you looking for a simple outdoor living space to host friends and family? Or do you want an elaborate setup with a gas grill, outdoor storage, and a refrigerator?

The choice is yours and consultation at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens can help to facilitate your goals.

Is the Climate Right For An Outdoor Kitchen?

Outdoor kitchens are a fantastic way to host friends and family members provided that you live in the right climate. Guests in and around Orlando understand that sunny weather is always around the corner. With soaring temperatures and short winters, you’ll always have time to enjoy your outdoor kitchen investment.

What Benefits Can An Outdoor Kitchen Provide?

More than just a great place to host your loved ones, an outdoor kitchen can provide a tangible list of benefits for you and your household. Outdoor kitchens offer a range of unique gifts that keep on giving, so let’s highlight a few of them together.

  • Save Money, Live Better – There are few things that feel more enjoyable than an expensive dinner at a favorite restaurant. With an outdoor kitchen, you can bring that comfort and ambiance straight to your household. Save money on expensive meals by preparing your own in the outdoor kitchen oasis that you designed.
  • More Entertainment Space – Adding a functional outdoor kitchen will immediately extend your living space and floor plan. Outdoor kitchens with roofs and seating areas can quickly become popular destinations to host family members, invite friends over, and relax when you desire.
  • Improve Your Contentment – Did you know that spending time outdoors can literally improve your health and wellness? It’s true! Scientifically proven benefits exist around outdoor living, including better concentration, feelings of restoration, and diminished levels of stress.

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