Outdoor Kitchen MUST-HAVES: Key Kitchen Appliances For Your Outdoor Oasis!

Outdoor Kitchen Must-Haves

Here in Central Florida, we grow to appreciate the hot sun and the warm weather that we get year-round. With annual temperatures dipping just to the mid-50s in January, it stands to reason that we like to get outdoors as often as possible. For the savvy homeowner that wants to really upgrade their outdoor experience, the installation of an outdoor kitchen can make a ton of sense! In this post, we introduce some outdoor kitchen must-haves that make your outdoor kitchen perfect.  

Outdoor dining areas sound like a ton of fun, they can also become quite the smart investment for homeowners that want to raise the value of their property. According to a report compiled by Quicken Loans in 2018, the installation of an outdoor kitchen can lead to a return on investment of anywhere between 55% and 200% of the value of your kitchen installation.

Outdoor dining areas can range in form and function depending on your budget and outdoor cooking desires. Do you want to simply install a bar and a grill? Do you want to install storage cabinets along with a fully functional outdoor kitchen? As your experience will vary based upon your specific needs, let’s explore a variety of unique outdoor kitchen must-haves that you can consider adding, today!

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Oasis with Orlando Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen projects are rarely going to be ‘one-size-fits-all’. Every homeowner will be working with their own unique budget and outlook on what makes an outdoor kitchen luxurious. Having said that, there are some key benefits that you can enjoy no matter what style of outdoor kitchen you choose.

Here are a few key reasons to consider installing an outdoor kitchen in your Central Florida home:

  • Outdoor Entertainment Options – It’s a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon and the Dolphins are about to play. Instead of gathering your friends around the television indoors, merely add a TV to your outdoor kitchen and enjoy grilling and the game at the same time. Of course, football may be our calling card but you can use your outdoor dining area for any number of entertainment options.
    • Host Family Dinners
    • Invite Friends Over
    • Create a Non-Crowded Environment for Guests
  • Build a Larger Living Space – The very act of installing an outdoor kitchen can go toward dramatically increasing your living area. By hiring Orlando Outdoor Kitchens to build your dream outdoor kitchen oasis, you can extend the benefits of your home to an area that you’d otherwise have left alone. More usable space is always good.
  • Reduce Energy Consumption – Cooking in the kitchen can bring a lot of heat into your home, thus causing your A/C to work even harder. You can reduce energy consumption while also removing kitchen smells and sounds from your home by cooking outdoors.
  • Boost the Value of Your Property – Depending on your location and the type of outdoor kitchen you install, you can expect a modest ROI for your outdoor kitchen installation. Who doesn’t want to make a bit of money while living in luxury?

Must-Have Outdoor Kitchen Additions at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens

Now that we have a more rounded understanding of the benefits that outdoor kitchens can provide, let’s start building your dream outdoor oasis. There are plenty of amazing outdoor additions that you can use to create the kitchen oasis you’ve always dreamed about.

  • Install Custom Cabinetry – The perfect kitchen requires adequate storage space. When it comes time to design your outdoor kitchen, make sure you spend time discussing your cabinetry needs. The team at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens can provide plenty of cabinet types for your consideration including:
    • Base Cabinets
    • Wall Cabinets
    • Bar Cabinets
    • Grill Cabinets
    • Storage Cabinets
    • Pull-Out Cabinets
    • .. And Much More!
  • Personalized Finishes – After selecting the type of cabinetry that you require for your outdoor kitchen, spend some time figuring out how to personalize the finish of the material. Orlando Outdoor Kitchens can provide a host of color finishes to make your cabinetry pop.
  • Full Kitchen – If you want more than just an area to relax in, you will want to stock your outdoor kitchen with the appliances necessary to get cooking. Orlando Outdoor Kitchens can help to provide customers with access to grills, burners, stoves, ovens, and all the cabinetry necessary to make it happen.
  • Weather-Proof Materials – If you are going to install an outdoor kitchen in Central Florida, then you are going to need something that can withstand the elements. Orlando Outdoor Kitchens works with HDPE that features UV-stabilized polymers that resist fading even when confronted with direct, harsh sunlight.
  • Outdoor Refrigerator – Refrigeration is the name of the game when you are cooking in the Florida heat. Orlando Outdoor Kitchens can supply you with the perfect refrigerator to complement the rest of your outdoor kitchen.
  • Custom Finishes – Finally, you are going to want to round out your dream outdoor oasis by installing custom touches. The crew at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens can help to connect you with unique cabinet doors, handles, and finishes to match your needs.

If you are ready to explore the world of outdoor kitchens, let the team at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens provide you with support. Outdoor Orlando Kitchens features weatherproof materials and products that are made in the USA and built to last a lifetime. Get started today!

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