Take a walk to your backyard and look around. Is there something missing that you might not have considered adding to your home? Every single day, homeowners add outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens to their property to create more expansive living spaces to share with friends, family members, and even furry loved ones. Whether you are a fan of making food from scratch or you simply want to enjoy a meal outside in your garden, you are going to find out why outdoor pizza ovens from Orlando Outdoor Kitchens are the perfect addition to your property.

What Are Outdoor Pizza Ovens?

Outdoor pizza ovens are specialized pieces of equipment that allow us to cook at extremely high temperatures. Available in a host of shapes and sizes, finding the right pizza oven for your property can be something of a task. Whether you like the old rustic brick look or would prefer a wood-fired oven, the team at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens can help you find your appliance of choice and have it installed for you in no time.

Let’s look at a few ways pizza ovens can add value and entertainment to your property, and joy to your life.

1. You Have Options: Wood-Fired vs. Gas Pizza Ovens

When looking for an outdoor pizza oven to add to your home, you are going to have options to choose between. Some shoppers opt to purchase a full-sized pizza oven that is wood-fired because it is authentic and more true to the rustic cooking experiences of yesteryear. The act of preparing the wood, lighting a fire, and prepping throughout the process can bring joy to the experience.

On the other side of the equation, gas outdoor pizza ovens will provide homeowners with a reliable approach to making their favorite pizza. Gas ovens will heat within 30 minutes rather than the one-to-two hours required for a wood oven.

2. Create an Outdoor Dining Experience

There are few moments in life more important than sharing time with our loved ones. An outdoor pizza oven can be a great way to bring family and friends together for a memorable experience that is as tasty as it is entertaining. Slow down the day and enjoy a meal from home that your entire family will remember.

Companies like Orlando Outdoor Kitchens specialize in creating elaborate outdoor experiences carefully curated to meet your needs. If you want to learn how you can turn your outdoor space into an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, you know who to call.

3. Add Value to Your Home’s Bottom Line

While outdoor kitchens aren’t the easiest way to increase the overall home value of your property, they are certainly one of the most entertaining ones. The installation of an outdoor oven and kitchen area can lead to recouping more than 70% of your investment, as per the latest surveys.

4. Save on Energy Expenses

Did you know that pizza ovens are actually pretty environmentally responsible? Outdoor pizza ovens don’t consume much energy and, in fact, a wood-fired pizza oven will prevent you from using any gas or electricity at all. Installing an outdoor pizza oven can be a great way to add some flavor to your nightly meals while saving on your energy bills. Besides, who doesn’t want to save the environment in the name of delicious pizza?

5. New Outdoor Pizza Oven Installations Are Affordable

Outdoor kitchens and outdoor eating areas have grown incredibly popular over the years. Despite the fact that outdoor kitchens may look expensive, they’ve become more affordable than ever. With one simple phone call, homeowners can get a consultation from the team at Orlando Outdoor Kitchens. Learn how much your dream kitchen will cost.

About Orlando Outdoor Kitchens

Orlando Outdoor Kitchens is Florida’s leader in quality outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens. Locally owned and family operated, we are proud to serve the people of Florida. We offer customer-focused services backed by the best products on the market.

When you work with our team, you get to enjoy premium services including:

  • Outdoor Cabinetry Proudly Made in the United States
  • Outdoor Accessories Made for ALL Seasons
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Weatherproof Materials
  • 9+ Years of Professional Experience

To learn more about options for your next outdoor pizza oven, pick up the phone and call Orlando Outdoor Kitchens for a consultation!

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