Here in Central Florida, we are fortunate to have temperate weather for many months each year, which allows us to take full advantage of our outdoor spaces.

An outdoor kitchen is a fabulous way to extend your living space and create more enjoyment for you and your family. We can work with any size space, from a small area that needs a few storage cabinets for towels and pool toys, to a larger area with a fully appointed kitchen.

There are myriad reasons to consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your area:

  • Expands everyday living space for family function & enjoyment
  • Improves space for entertainment
  • Keeps odors outside
  • Saves on utility bills
  • Increases the value of your home

Our unique outdoor cabinet materials and construction, make them durable to stand up against our harsh sunny summers and our rainy, hurricane seasons. Our solid sheet, UV-stabilized HDPE outperforms every other outdoor cabinet material on the market.

Check out our Gallery for design ideas or give us a call to start your project. 407-636-7135



Any size project is welcome. Grill or no Grill, our expert design team will optimize your area. Our outdoor kitchens will add a beautiful new space to your home, while also adding value.


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