Types of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

We Offer Different Types of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

At Orlando Outdoor Kitchens, we make it simple to create the outdoor kitchen setting that functions best for you. From standard cabinetry to more unique styles and colors, our vast collection of types of outdoor kitchen cabinets gives you customizable options. Bring us your kitchen layout ideas and design preferences, and we will help you decide which types of outdoor kitchen cabinets will cater to your needs. 

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

A Look at the Different Types of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Our outdoor kitchen cabinets are made of solid HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) sheets. We prefer HDPE cabinetry materials for outdoor settings because the material is durable in all weather conditions, easily waterproofed, and highly resistant to fading in the Florida sunshine. By offering customizable solutions, our HDPE cabinets seamlessly fit into your space. Take a look at the different types of outdoor kitchen cabinets we have to offer below. 

Different Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet Models

Our HDPE outdoor kitchen cabinets come in many different configurations to create the perfect collection that makes up the finished layout. Pick your standard base and wall cabinets, and then pair those with grill cabinets, sink cabinets, and even pull-out or storage cabinets for a fully functional cabinetry setup. 

We also provide custom cabinets that can stand as a base for your grill, exposed bar, or side burner. If you need a blind area to conceal something like a small water tank or water heater, a blind base corner cabinet serves the purpose. And, diagonal corner cabinets slip into corners to create continuous layouts.

Extensive Color Options

From woodgrain to contemporary and neutral colors, we offer a range of colors for your outdoor kitchen cabinets. If you prefer something simplistic and elegant, you may prefer black or white colors. If you are going with a more natural look in your outdoor kitchen, opt for woodgrain finishes in teak, mahogany, weather wood, dark ash, or whitewash. We also have more contemporary options like:

  • Everglade 
  • Espresso 
  • Seafoam
  • Sandshade
  • Graphite 
  • Chocolate

Cabinets take up a lot of visual real estate. Therefore, the color you choose can truly set the stage for the entire design. 

Unique Door Styles of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

The doors, which are also often referred to as faces, are one of the most essential design elements for outdoor kitchen cabinets. At Orlando Outdoor Kitchens, we offer multiple door styles to make sure clients can create their preferred design aesthetic. Our cabinet door options include: 

  • V-Groove Doors – Offers vertical slat cuts for more linear design detail 
  • Sport Doors – Offers a simple routed design in the center with beveled door edging 
  • Slat Doors – Offers horizontal geometric detail in the form of slat-style cuts in the center 
  • Shaker Doors – Offers the classic Shaker-style cuts for a pieced-together design
  • Plano Doors – Offers a perfectly smooth, simplistic finish with clean-cut edges and no routed details 
  • Raised-Panel Doors – Offers beveled edges around the door perimeter and the decorative routing at the center of the door 
  • Open French Doors – Offers a see-through opening covered with glass for visibility and open design 
  • Cove Doors – Offers a simply routed inset with no beveling for clean visual appeal

Find the Best Types of Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

When you come to Orlando Outdoor Kitchens for help with your outdoor space, we treat your needs in a personalized way. All homes are unique, and all clients have unique ideas in terms of how the kitchen will look and function. Therefore, we start the process by listening to your needs and preferences. After getting a good understanding of your outdoor space and preferences, we make professional recommendations regarding:

  • The best possible layout or design for the cabinetry 
  • Which cabinets you may need for storage and function 
  • What accessories would work well in the outdoor space

From here, we will work with you to determine which cabinets, colors, and finishes work with your design preferences. We use our years of industry experience and knowledge about different options to help you create the most effective setup for your planned space.

Our cabinets are also versatile and are always custom-built for your application. These cabinets were originally designed for outdoor use and are now often being specified for indoor use as well.

Contractors and Homeowners

We have a versatile structure and can work in a variety of ways with different teams:

  • The Builder – to design and install the kitchen right from the start
  • The Contractor – to design and install the outdoor kitchen after the house has been completed
  • The Homeowner – to help design and install DIY outdoor kitchen project

We begin the process the same way in all instances – we listen. We want to understand how the outdoor space will be used and who will be using it. We then make our recommendations for:

  • Layout & Design
  • Kitchen & Storage Cabinets
  • Accessories

We offer several different types of cabinets and products available and can provide everything from a simple outdoor kitchen cabinet set-up to a glamorous, fully-stocked outdoor kitchen, complete with a grill, refrigerator, kegerator, and more.

No matter where we start in the process, we deliver the same high-touch, high-quality outdoor kitchen cabinet package for each project.

Create Your Ideal Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you are a builder or contractor creating an outdoor kitchen for a client, or a homeowner handling your own project, our team works with you to ensure you get just what you need. At Orlando Outdoor Kitchens, we bring your ideas of an outdoor kitchen to life with all the best options, from appliances to outdoor kitchen cabinets, and beyond. Ready to get started? Reach out to our team to schedule an appointment or with questions. 


Any size project is welcome. Grill or no Grill, our expert outdoor kitchen design team can optimize your space. This will not only bring beauty but adds value to your Florida home. Call us today or drop a line for more information. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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